Policies and Procedures


Section 4—Non-Scheduled Facility Use

Those wanting to use the facilities for a non-scheduled event (i.e. birthday parties, reunions, weddings, etc.) must clear the activity in advance through the church office by filling out the appropriate form or forms.  After a decision has been made by the appropriate board(s), the church office shall notify the responsible party as to whether or not the activity may take place.

There is no cost for facility use during approved activities.  However, after an activity, all facilities must be left in the same or better condition than before the activity.  Any damages or custodial time spent bringing NPBC facilities back to standard will be billed to the responsible party.

If the responsible party desires assistance with the activity, they are responsible for contacting the appropriate person and establishing a reasonable rate to be paid to said person immediately following the activity.  The following rates are recommended for various services:

Wedding Coordinator: starting at $250 (depending on the size of the wedding) / Custodian: $20 (hourly) / Organist: $100 / Pianist: $75 / Clergy: $100 / Soloist: $75 / Childcare: minimum wage (hourly) / Sound Technician: $50 / Video Technician: $35

Any setup or teardown time needed for an activity must be cleared through the church office.

Section 11—Gym Use

Non-scheduled use of the gym is subject to the same procedures as Section 4 above.  The exception to this are impromptu recreational (sports) activities which must adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Permission must be received from the sports coordinator, a staff member, or board member.
  2. If permission is accidentally given during another activity, permission is immediately revoked.
  3. Permission will only be granted to an 18-year-old or older church member.

Operational procedures for use of the gym are posted in the glass case.

Additional Information

  1. The Child Protection Policy must be adhered to at all times.  Failure to comply with the Child Protection Policy could jeopardize any future requests for facility use.
  2. Alcoholic beverages or smoking are not permitted in the buildings or on church grounds at any time.  Please advise your guests of this policy.  Guests in violation of this rule may be asked to leave the premises.
  3. It is expected that the content of all programs and activities never hinder the Christian testimony of Napier Parkview Baptist Church or be contrary to its Statement of Faith and Constitution.
  4. This form only requests use of church facilities.  Regarding weddings, you must contact the pastor regarding his involvement in your ceremony.  There may be other requirements that must be met.
  5. You will have two weeks to complete this form and return it to the church office.  During this time, your date will be tentative on the church calendar.  If two weeks have passed and your written request has not been returned, other activities may be scheduled in your place.  If this two-week limit presents a problem, contact the church office immediately.
  6. Do not make any final plans (florist, caterer, etc.) until this form has been returned to you.  Only the church office is authorized to confirm your use of the church facilities.
  7. Please clear any decorating or setup plans with the church office.  This is to ensure that your plans are within the guidelines for the use of facilities and equipment.  It will also eliminate any conflict between your activity and normal church activities or other activities scheduled adjacent to yours.
  8. Regarding use of sound and/or other technical equipment, you must let the church office know, who will then contact an authorized person to operate certain equipment.
  9. You may need a key to enter the building.  A loaner key may be obtained from the church office no more than one week before your activity.  This key is the responsibility of the person to whom it is issued.  It must be returned to the church office within two weeks following your activity.
  10. Keep a copy of your application for reference until your activity is over.  The church office, maintenance/custodial, and technical ministries personnel will have duplicate copies of the form.