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by Dr. J. O. Hosler

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American Religious Right vs. Secular Neutrality

Battle Hymn Of The Republic – Examined

How Does God Speak With Authority Today?

Attaching Personal Righteousness To The Backside Of The Gospel’s Requirements

The Gift, Purpose, and Function Of Tongues

Cue Sport Evangelism

A Survey Of Bible Doctrine

Modern Pentecostalism – A Biblical Examination

Essays On Religion & Politics In America

Witnessing To The Muslim Faith

How A College Student Can Know That Christianity Is An Undeniable Worldview



Bible Study Series

by Dr. J. O. Hosler

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Understanding Eternal Rewards For Believers

Anointing With Oil

Were The First Century Hebrew Christians In Danger Of Losing Salvation?

Do Christians Ever Behave Like Hogs And Dogs?

The Vine & The Branches: What It Means To Abide In Christ



by Dr. J. O. Hosler

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The Baptismal Regeneration & Believer’s Baptism Debate

(This book is available for purchase.)