Ministry Update

In-Person Sunday Worship Services Have Resumed. Services Begin at 10:00am.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Dear Napier Church family,

We believe that we are now ready to resume in-person worship services.  Our staff and board leadership have developed procedures and guidelines which will allow us to meet as safely as possible.  Below is an outline of precautions we are taking as we meet together again beginning Sunday, August 2nd at 10:00am.

Our worship service time has changed to 10:00am.  This time will be in effect until further notice.  Worship services are scheduled to last less than one hour.  All other in-person Sunday ministries (Faith Street children’s ministry, student & adult classes (Sunday School), and evening Bible study) are on hiatus indefinitely.  We will make announcements as other in-person meetings are scheduled to resume.

Should I Come?
We want you to feel safe as you return to the building for worship.  We know that not everyone will return (especially right away).  In fact, as we speak with many churches locally and regionally, most churches see around 30% of their congregations return to services at the start.  Coming to worship in-person rather than remotely in this season is not an indicator of spirituality.  If you are hesitant in any way, we encourage you to continue to worship with us online. 

Also, if you are in a group that has been designated as “high risk” for serious complications from COVID-19, please consider worshipping remotely.  Your safety is our primary concern.  Lastly, if you have been sick lately (cold, flu, etc.) or if you have experienced symptoms such as fever, excessive cough or sneezing, sore throat, or body aches, please stay home and seek medical care as needed.  Those who exhibit the above symptoms will be asked to return home.

Face coverings are required for entry into the building for worship services.  Exceptions for children under 5 years old and those who cannot medically tolerate a mask are allowed, but we ask that every attempt to have a face covering during your short trip from the foyer doors to a seat be made.  Please wear your mask anytime that you are not in your seat.  Once you are seated in the auditorium and 6+ feet distancing can be maintained, face coverings are optional.

Entry and Seating
The north and south foyer doors will be open to allow you contactless entry into the building.  Feel free to check your mailbox, but please refrain from congregating in the foyer.  Proceed to and use the hand sanitizing stations, then enter the auditorium.

Hosts will greet you and show your family to a seat.  We have developed a distancing strategy for the auditorium that provides safe distancing while allowing for efficient use of the space.  This means that you will likely not be able to sit in the exact spot that you are used to in the auditorium.  Please be kind and gracious with our hosts as they direct you to a seat.  They are attempting to keep you safe while allowing the maximum amount of seating to be used.  All available seats in the auditorium main floor will be used before seating in the balcony or in the chapel.

Once you have been directed to a seat, feel free to greet others in the auditorium if you wish.  Please be mindful to maintain distancing, use your face covering, and refrain from physical contact (hand shaking, etc.).

During the Service
Our services will include most of the elements that you would expect during a worship service.  This includes informative announcements, uplifting singing, a message from God’s Word, and a time of community prayer.

During this time, we will refrain from passing offering or communion plates. A secure box is available if you would like to give in person.  You may also continue to give in the modes that you have over the last several months via mail or online.  Communion elements will be available for you to pick up in the foyer.

After the Service
We will dismiss the service in sections.  We ask that you make your way out of the auditorium and foyer and to the parking lot as quickly as possible.  Please refrain from congregating inside the building after the service.

Building Information
The lower level of the building is currently closed.  This includes the restrooms, library, and kitchen.  All main level restrooms (near the office) are open.

Our church office staff will continue to work remotely.  This means that the office is open by appointment.  Our staff regularly monitors voicemail and email.  Visit the contact page to reach out to us.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we navigate this season together.  Please continue to be mindful that these plans can change quickly as conditions and regulations/guidelines warrant.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  We look forward to seeing the Lord work through us during these days.  Let’s trust in Him together to bring life changing ministry to our midst for such a time as this.

Keep an eye on this page as well as the Napier Church Facebook page for the latest.